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Light in the North

A celebration of the writing and life of Neil M Gunn

Neil M Gunn Courtesy of Durmid Gunn

Thank you for joining us and welcome to the first online  ‘Light in the North’  celebration of the life and writing of one of Scotland’s greatest writers; Neil Miller Gunn (8 November 1891 – 15 January 1973).  This website has been created as an online project to build upon, and more content will be added each year. This is for the continued purpose of: 

- Encouraging the  reading and discussion of Neil M Gunn’s work

- Provide a contributors focus related to Neil M Gunn's work

- To encourage new generations of readers of the works of Neil M Gunn

- Explore Gunn’s writing themes through creative collaborations



Dairmid Gunn

Dairmid Gunn is a nephew of Neil M Gunn and is an essayist and editor. In addition he has led a distinguished career in the Royal Navy and as a diplomat and Russian specialist.



Alan Riach is an academic, writer and  poet and has written and edited several volumes on twentieth century Scottish literature. He is Professor of Scottish Literature at University of Glasgow.



Kirsty Gunn is a writer of novels and short stories and essays. She is published by Faber & Faber and internationally. She is Professor of Writing Practice and Study at University of Dundee

Roderick Watson

Roderick Watson is an academic and poet and has written about Scottish Literature and Poetry. He is Professor Emeritus in English Studies at the University of Stirling.

Oakley CundAll

Oakley Cundall is a photographer from Caithness. He is a trustee for Dunbeath Preservation Trust and currently works as a Mechanical Engineer. 



Merran Gunn is a professional artist, curator and arts consultant. She has been instrumental in the creative direction at Dunbeath Preservation Trust since 2015.